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PORODUR AQUA UVA 2.5L Stone Varnish

PORODUR AQUA UVA Βερνίκι Πέτρας Σιλικονούχο Νερού  Άχρωμο Γυαλιστερό
PORODUR AQUA UVA 2.5L Stone Varnish
PORODUR AQUA UVA 2.5L Stone Varnish
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Manufacturer MERCOLA
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PORODUR AQUA UVA is high quality transparent, pure acrylic waterbased varnish for stones and artificial building materials, enriched with nano particles and silicone. It has excellent penetrating capacity, excellent resistance to UV rays and adverse weather conditions. It protects surfaces from wearing, tearing, humidity and staining. Preserves and enhances the natural beauty of the surface applied for decorative purposes. It is suitable for interior and exterior use.


  • Excellent finishing - enhances the natural beauty of stones
  • Excellent penetration
  • Excellent water repellence
  • Long lasting protection from stains, rain, humidity, fungi, mould etc.
  • Resistance to temperature variations
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Easy to apply – ready to use material
  • Interior and exterior use


  • Protection and decoration of porous surfaces such as natural or artificial stones, Karystos or Pilio type tiles, marble, bricks, artificial building materials, ceramic tiles (cotto), ceramic roof tiles, cement tiles, cement, decorative gypsum elements, concrete etc.
  • Suitable for walls, fireplaces, benches, floors etc.
  • Ideal for the protection of substrates decorated with cement screed finish.
  • Strengthening of loose or deteriorated substrates.


8 - 10 m2/Lt


5% - 15% with deionized water


by brush


by roller



by spray gun

Touch dry:

30 - 45 minutes 20oC

Hard dry:

6 hours 20oC

Exterior use


Interior use

Application temperature:

10oC - 35oC


with water