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Fischer DuoPower Plug

Βύσμα Πλαστικό DuoPower Fischer Made in Germany
Fischer DuoPower Plug
Code 12686
Price (VAT Incl.) 3,60 - 7,60€
Availability Available
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Size - Shades
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CodeDescriptionPrice (VAT Incl.)Offer Price VAT Incl.StockQuantity
32506Fischer DuoPower Plug 5x25 100pcs 3,60€ Out of Stock
32508Fischer 555006 DuoPower Plug 6x30 100pcs 4,90€ Available
32510Fischer DuoPower Plug 8x40 100pcs 6,90€ Available
32512Fischer DuoPower Plug 10x50 50pcs 6,90€ Available
19997Fischer DuoPower Plug 12x60 25pcs 5,00€ Available
19999Fischer DuoPower Plug 14x70 20pcs 7,60€ Out of Stock