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Carmyfix CM-54 Heat Resistant Polychloroprene Adhesive

Βενζινόκολλα Θερμοανθεκτική CM-54 500ml Carmyfix
Carmyfix CM-54 Heat Resistant Polychloroprene Adhesive
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Heat resistant polychloroprene adhesive

Solvent based Neoprene adhesive

Hue: Yellowish white liquid

Packaging: 500gr, 1kg, 5kg


It is a neoprene contact adhesive, suitable for a big variety of applications in furniture and automobile workshop. It can join firmly practically all surfaces as laminated formica plates on particle board and wood, wood to glass, metal, rubber and leather to each other. It is recommended for automobile repairs and construction (rubber to metal, velvet carpets, ceiling coverings). It has good resistance to heat and humidity.

Application Fields

Suitable for automotive upholstery and for adhering of formica on particle board, wood or metal

Highly recommended for use in vehicle upholstery

Step 1 Clean thoroughly and roughen (if possible) both surfaces

Step 2 Spread evenly the adhesive on both surfaces

Step 3 Bond by pressing the surfaces after 15-25 minutes. Maximum bonding is achieved after 48 hours

Step 4 Mixing at the material is advisable before each use


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