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Auxiliary Materials
Putties - PU Foams
Wood Putty
Adhesives - Silicones
Builders Bags - Rubble Sacks
Sandpaper Frames-Pads
Welding Consumables
A/C-Gas & Clear Hoses
Paint Rollers/Brushes
Paint Rollers
Paint Brushes
Radiator & Ceiling Brushes
Mini Paint Rollers
Paint Tray-Roller Frame-Telescopic Pole
Work protection
Safety Equipment
Safety Shoes
Safety Boots
Safety Gloves
Safety Eyeglasses-Caps
Cup Respirator Mask
Rain Boots
Power Tools
Cordless Screwdrivers
Cordless Hammer Drills
Cordless Power Tool Sets
Cordless Impact Drills
Cordless Drywall Screw Gun
Cordless SDS MAX Hammer Drills
Cordless SDS PLUS Hammer Drills
Cordless Angle Grinder
Cordless Reciprocating Saw
Cordless Circular Saw
Cordless Air Compressor
Cordless Rotary Multi Tools
Cordless Jigsaw
Cordless Blower
Laser - Levels
Power Tool Batteries
Rotary Hammer Drill
Welding Machine
Corded Hammer Drills
Angle Grinders
Power Sanders
Power Jigsaws-Circular Saws
Heat Guns
Bench Grinders
Hand Held Paint Sprayer
Staple and Nail Guns
Drill / Grinders
Air Blowers
Air Compressors
Soldering & Welding Guns
Soldering Guns
Glue Guns
Tools Accessories
Screwdriver Bits
Philips- Pozidrive & Slotted Bits
Torx - Robertson - Hex (Allen)
Driver bit Set
Magnetic Bit Holders
Drill Chucks-Keys-Adapters
Drill Bits- Pointed & Flat Chisel
Metal - Wood Drill Bits
Tile & Glass Drill Bits
Masonry Drill Bits
Wood Drill Bits
Hammer Drill Bits SDS PLUS
Hammer Drill Bits SDS MAX
Drill Saw Rasp & File Reamers
Pointed - Flat Chisels SDS Plus & SDS Max
Special Applications
Jigsaw Blades-Rotary Rasps/Files
Wood Jigsaw Blades
Metal Jigsaw Blades
Jigsaw Blades Sets
Sabre Saw Blades
Rotary Shanks, Rasps, Files
Mini Drill / Grinder Tools
Wire Brushes
Wire Brushes for Angle Grinders
Wire Brushes with Shank
Cutting & Grinding Discs
Metal Cutting Discs
Stone Cutting Discs
Diamond Disc Cutting Blades
Wood Cutting Discs
Grinding Discs
Abrasive Flap Discs
HSS Bi-Metal Hole Saws
Hole Saws Kit for Wood
Diamond Hole Saws
Hole Saws Arbor
Mixing Paddles
Paint Mixer Paddle
Grout Mixing Paddle
Hand Tools
Screwdrivers & Bit Sets
Cross Head Screwdrivers
Flat head & Spiral Ratchet
Robertson - Torx
Hex Keys
Pliers - Cutters
Combination Pliers
End Cutting Nippers - Pull Nail Pliers
Side Cutters
Cable Cutters
Cable Strippers
Gripping Pliers
Circlip Pliers
Mini Pliers (Hobby)
Tile and Glass Hand Cutters
Measuring Tools
Leveling Tools
Measuring Tapes
Folding Rulers
Roll up Measuring Tapes
Measuring Tools
Masonry Hand Tools
Plastering Trowels
Rubbersponge Trowels
Spatula - Scrapers
Scrapers-Wire Brushes
Adjustable - Tubular Wrenches
Waterpump Pliers - Plumber Wrench
Wrecking Bars- Tubes&Tyres
Tin Snips
Bolt-Structural Steel Cutters
Ratchets - Sockets
Staple & Riveter Gun-Anchor Tool
Caulking Guns
Sledge Hammers
Tool Boxes & Bags
Gardening Equipment
Pruning Saws
Pruning Shears-Sickles
Axe - Wedge
Wooden Handles
Road Brooms
Files - Rasps
Triangular Files
Semi/Round Files
Flat & Square Files
Wood Rasp Files
File & Rasp Handle
Surform Plane
Cutting & Working Tools
Joiners Square-Dividers
Clamps - Grip Pliers
Engineers & Table Vices
Hand Hacksaws-Blades
Maintenance Tools
Wood Chisels - Planes
Crank Drill-Grinding Wheels
Threading Tools
Letter-Number Punch
Pin-Hollow Punch
Screws-Nails-Wall Plugs
Concrete Nails
Masonry Nails
Wall Plugs - Anchors
Plasterboard & Concrete Anchors
Nylon & Metal Anchors
Metallic Support Products
Galvanized Eye Bolts & Hooks
Inox Eye Bolts & Hooks
Blind Rivets
Hex Nuts - Washers
Hex Nuts
Split Lock Washers
Screws - Bolts
Chipboard Screws
Metal Sheet Screws
Self-Drilling Sheet Metal Screws Zinc Plated
Hex Wood Screws
Plasterboard - Concrete Screws
Carriage Bolts
Hanger Bolts - Threaded Rods
Furniture Materials
Furniture Fittings
Furniture Decoratives
Wooden Curved Decoratives
Shelf Support Pins
Picture Fixings
Furniture Brackets
Furniture Braces - Mending Plates
Furniture Connectors
Decorative Hinges
Furniture Hinges
Door Hinges
Paumelle Hinges
Tee - Strap Hinges
Heavy Duty Hinges
Weld-On Hinges
Stops - Catches
Safety Mechanisms
Door Closer
Door Stops - Wedges
Barrel Bolts
Antique Barrel Bolts
Vetical Door Bolts
Slide Bolts
Latch Locks - Closets
Hasp & Staples
Magnetic & Ball Catches
Slide Bolt Catch
Swivel Castors - Furniture Leg Pads
Top Plated Swivel Castors
Furniture Legs/Pads
Sliding Door Rollers
Furniture Safety
Corner - Finger Guards
Adhesive Felts
Anti-slip Silicone Cups
Locks - Cylinders
For Interrnal Doors
For Entrance Doors
Rim Locks
Furniture Locks
Key Storage
Special Applications
Cylinder Locks
Security Cylinder Locks
Brass & Iron Padlocks
Stainless Steel Padlocks
Knobs - Handles
Door Handles - Latches
Door Handle - Keyhole
Door Handle - Cylinder
Outdoor Pull Handles
Rustic Door Handles
Pull Doors
Window Latches
Cabinet Knobs
Pumpkin Cabinet Knobs
Vintage Cabinet Knobs
Porcelain Cabinet Knobs
Porcelain Drop Knobs
Cabinet Drop Knobs
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Children Porcelain Knobs
Children Drawer Knobs
Cabinet Knobs
Brass Cabinet Knobs
Wooden Cabinet Knobs
Plastic Cabinet Knobs
Furniture Keyholes
Door Keyholes
Furniture Pull Handles
Cup Pull Handles
Antique Bridge Handles
Drawer Drop Bail Pull Handles
Porcelain Drawer Handles
Chest Handles
Furniture Handles
Rope / Wire Rope Fittings
Galvanized Fittings
Stainless Steel Fittings
Snap Hooks for Bags
Key Snap Hooks-Rings
Rope Pulley
Chains - Wires
Steel Chains - Wire Ropes
Decorative Chain
Binding Wires
Dog Chains
Lashings - Shock Cords
Lashing Strap
Elastic Cords
Electrical Materials
Lamps - Flashlights
E27 Cap Lamp Fitting
E14 Cap Lamp Fitting
B22 Bayonet
Oven, Fridge & Night Bulbs
Spot Light Bulbs
Fluorescent Bulbs
Special Light Bulbs
Flashlights - Batteries
Electrical Parts
Cable Reels-Cables
Cable Clips-Nylon Tie Wraps
Switches - Sockets
Cable Connector Strip-Fuses
Plumbing Materials
Coupling - Connectors
Angle Ball Valves - Fixings
Brass Connectors
Galvanized Connectors
Taps - Flexible Hoses
Mixer & Lever Taps
Flexible Tap Connectors
Rubber Washers-Tap Valves
Ball Bib Taps
Floor Drain - Sink Strainer / Plug
Drain Pipes - Toilet Mechanisms
Tap Aerator & Swivel Nozzles
Water Filters
Bath Accessories
Shower Hoses / Heads
Toilet Seats
Bath & Shower Accessories
Cleaners - Clog Removers
Household Items
Wall Hangers & Hooks
Wall Hangers
Self Adhesive Wall Hooks
Wall Hanger Hooks
Suction Pads Hooks
Curtain Tieback Hooks
Cleaning Products & Lubricants
Household Cleaning Liquids
Industrial Cleaning Liquids
Household Accessories
Household Items
Cleaning Accessories
Draught Excluders
Balcony - Window Screen
Curtain Accessories
Watering Products
Plastic Hose Connectors
Metal Hose Connectors
Water Spray Guns
Garden Hoses
Garden Hose Hanger
Automatic Garden Watering
Aluminium & Iron Ladders
Palbest Hobby
Palbest Hobby XXL
Double Sided
Non Slip
Multiple Purpose
2-Piece Aluminium Ladder
3-Piece Aluminum Ladder
Spray Cans
Montana Spray Cans
Montana Black
Montana Tech
Acrylic Spray Paints
Special Applications
Special Applications
Paints - Varnishes
Emulsion - Acrylic Paints
Emulsion Paints
Acrylic Paints
Enamel Paints
Solvent Based Enamel Paints
Water Based Enamel Paints
Special Applications
Varnishes- Wood Stains
Wood Stains - Preservatives
Wood Varnish
Stone Varnish
Metal Varnish
Structural Surfaces
Decorative - Hobby Paints
Chalk Paints
Decorative - Hobby Paints
Beehive Paints
100% Acrylic Water Based Beehive Paints
100% Acrylic, Elastomeric, Thermo Insulating Beehive Paint
Substrates - Primers
Structural Surfaces
Stain Covering Primer
Metal - Wood
Paint Removers
Building Materials-Waterproofing
Acrylic - PU Hybrid
Polyurethane Based
Cement Based
Waterproofing Materials
Repairing Mortars
Tile Adhesives & Grouts
Plaster - Cement
Putties - Plasters
Repairing Mortars
Microcement Systems
Auxiliary Materials
Silicones -Sealants
Adhesion Primers
Plaster-Mortar Reinforcement Mesh & Admixtures-Scrim Tapes