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Multiurpose Black Silicone Sealant 60ml

Στεγανωτική Σιλικόνη Πολλαπλής Χρήσης Saratoga 60ml Μαύρη
Multiurpose Black Silicone Sealant 60ml
Code 11051
Price (VAT Incl.)3,40€
Availability Available
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One component black acetoxy silicone sealant, for glueing and sealing applications. Has excellent weathering and UV resistance, is unaffected by low and high temperatures from -60C to +200C. Waterproof, maintains its effectiveness even if constantly immersed in fresh or salt water.

Use for: windows, portholes, hatches, electrical insulation, headlamp gaskets, rubber bumpers and for all non-porous surface applications such as: glass, ceramic, aluminium, steel, wood and painted surfaces. 


S-400 280ml Black Anti-fungal Acid Silicone

Code 10862
S-400 280ml Μαύρη Σιλικόνη Αντιμουχλική

Price (VAT Incl.)3,30€
Availability Out of Stock

Silweld 3m Self Fusing Repair Tape

Code 11396
Ταινία Αυτοβουλκανιζόμενη Silweld 3m

Price (VAT Incl.) 8,50€
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Gasket-Sealant 80ml High Temperature Rresistance (300C)

Code 11415
Φλαντζόκολλα Υψηλών Θερμοκρασιών (300C) 80ml Den Braven

Price (VAT Incl.) 4,45€
Availability Available


S-400 General Purpose Acetoxy Mildew Silicone

Code 11414
Σιλικόνη S-400 Elastotet Σωληνάριο 80ml

Price (VAT Incl.) 2,00€
Availability Available