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Status Emulsion Colourant

Βασικό Πλαστικό Status
Βασικό Πλαστικό StatusΒασικό Πλαστικό StatusΒασικό Πλαστικό StatusΒασικό Πλαστικό StatusΒασικό Πλαστικό StatusΒασικό Πλαστικό Status
Status Emulsion Colourant
Code 11299
Manufacturer THRAKON
Price (VAT Incl.) 3,50 - 6,50€
Availability Available
Πίσω σε: Emulsion Wall Paint
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Size - Shades

CodeDescriptionPrice (VAT Incl.)Offer Price VAT Incl.StockQuantity
10027Status Emulsion Colourant Brown 180ml 3,50€ Available
10022Status Emulsion Colourant Brickred 180ml 3,50€ Available
10024Status Emulsion Colourant Yellow 180ml 3,50€ Available
10026Status Emulsion Colourant Red 180ml 3,50€ Available
10025Status Emulsion Colourant Black 180ml 3,50€ Available
10005Status Emulsion Colourant Blue 180ml 3,50€ Available
10028Status Emulsion Colourant Green 180ml 3,50€ Available
10023Status Emulsion Colourant Ochre 180ml 3,50€ Available
10020Status Emulsion Colourant Brown 375ml 4,50€ Available
10015Status Emulsion Colourant Brickred 375ml 4,50€ Available
10017Status Emulsion Colourant Yellow 375ml 4,50€ Available
10019Status Emulsion Colourant Red 375ml 4,50€ Available
10018Status Emulsion Colourant Black 375ml 4,50€ Available
10006Status Emulsion Colourant Blue 375ml 4,50€ Available
10021Status Emulsion Colourant Green 375ml 4,50€ Available
10016Status Emulsion Colourant Ochre 375ml 4,50€ Available
10013Status Emulsion Colourant Brown 750ml 6,50€ Available
10008Status Emulsion Colourant Brickred 750ml 6,50€ Available
10010Status Emulsion Colourant Yellow 750ml 6,50€ Available
10012Status Emulsion Colourant Red 750ml 6,50€ Available
10011Status Emulsion Colourant Black 750ml 6,50€ Out of Stock
10007Status Emulsion Colourant Blue 750ml 6,50€ Available
10014Status Emulsion Colourant Green 750ml 6,50€ Available
10009Status Emulsion Colourant Ochre 750ml 6,50€ Out of Stock



STATUS Emulsion Colorants are a series of basic emulsion shades for tinting all white emulsion and acrylic paints.

Odourless and eco friendly. They have strong colorant power and can be fully and easily incorporated.The various shades that can be created have high resistance to UV radiation and to alkali and remain unchangeable through time.


Available in 8 basic colors: yellow, red, blue, green, ochre, brickred, brown & black

Packaging: 180ml, 375ml, 750ml

Consumption: 10 -13 m2 / lt

Application Fields

Suitable for painting various surfaces and coloring of white emulsion and acrylic paints, to create different shades


Strong coloring strength

Can be fully integrated with ease in the white color we want to paint

The shades withstand solar radiation



Ammonia free

Great coverage