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Tetralux CHASSIS COAT 0.75L Anticorrosive Enamel Paint

Tetralux CHASSIS COAT Ταχυστέγνωτο Αντισκωριακό Βερνικόχρωμα 0,75L Σασικοτ
Tetralux CHASSIS COAT 0.75L Anticorrosive Enamel Paint
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Quick drying anticorrosive enamel paint for chassis of vehicles and all metallic surfaces. It has excellent coverage, strong adhesion and high elasticity. It provides great protection against corrosion and petrol and also has great impact resistance. It is also suitable as undercoat for any metallic surface.

Shade: Black


- To ensure proper adhesion of the product, surfaces must be clean, dry and free from all defective and poorly adhering material, dust, grease, oil, rust, mold or moisture etc.

- Stir well the product and apply on surface

- The product has all the mechanical strength after 20-30 days


Do not apply at temperatures below 6C and above 40C and at relative humidity above 80%. Adverse conditions in the application can alter the final properties of product.


- Brush

- Roller

During working keep tools "liquid" in the container. Drain well the product of the tools back in the box and clean immediately with White spirit. If product dries, clean only with strong detergents. Do not empty washings into the groundwater

Coverage: 12-14m/ Lt on properly prepared surfaces

Dilution: 1 - 5% white spirit

Drying: 1 - 2 hours depending on applying conditions