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PROXXON 28981 10pcs Sanding bands Φ10 G.150

PROXXON 28981 10τμχ Ταινία Λείανσης Κ150 Φ10 Made in Germany
PROXXON 28981 10pcs Sanding bands Φ10 G.150
Code 50621
Manufacturer PROXXON
Price (VAT Incl.)3,50€
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Sanding bands

Made of standard corundum. The sanding compounds have a tough consistency and different grits for preliminary and refinishing work. Extreme toughness.


For sanding, smoothing and polishing of malleable cast iron, grey cast iron, stainless steel, steel, non-ferrous metals, wood and plastic.


Can also be used for chamfering. Adapt the rotational speed to the material to be sanded.


Steel high, wood medium and plastic low rotational speed.


Sanding bands can also be used for refinishing radii and grooves.


Shaft  3.0mm.


PROXXON 28980 Sanding drum with 10 sanding bands, 150 grit

Code 88811
PROXXON 28980 10τμχ Ταινία Λείανσης Κ150 με Βάση Φ10

Price (VAT Incl.)6,20€
Availability Available