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Velcro Red Disc D125 Smirdex 330

Δίσκοι Λείανσης Velcro (Σκρατς) Φ125 Κόκκινο (330)
Velcro Red Disc D125 Smirdex 330
Code 33433
Manufacturer SMIRDEX
Price (VAT Incl.) 0,35€
Availability Available
Πίσω σε: Metal Cutting Discs
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Size - Shades

CodeDescriptionPrice (VAT Incl.)Offer Price VAT Incl.StockQuantity
33434Velcro Red Disc D125 No40 Smirdex 0,35€ Available
33435Velcro Red Disc D125 No60 Smirdex 0,35€ Available
33440Velcro Red Disc D125 No180 Smirdex 0,35€ Available
33436Velcro Red Disc D125 No80 Smirdex 0,35€ Available
33437Velcro Red Disc D125 No100 Smirdex 0,35€ Out of Stock
33438Velcro Red Disc D125 No120 Smirdex 0,35€ Available
33439Velcro Red Disc D125 No150 Smirdex 0,35€ Available



Velcro Red Disc D125 Smirdex 330