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Hex Key

Κλειδί Αλλεν
Hex Key
Code 13223
Manufacturer OEM
Τιμές 0,70 - 3,10€
Availability Available
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Size - Shades

CodeDescriptionPrice (VAT Incl.)Offer Price VAT Incl.StockQuantity
505631.5mm Hex Key 0,70€ Available
505642mm Hex Key 0,70€ Available
505672.5mm Hex Key 0,70€ Available
505653mm Hex Key 0,70€ Available
505683.5mm Hex Key 0,70€ Available
505664mm Hex Key 0,70€ Available
505694.5mm Hex Key 0,70€ Out of Stock
505705mm Hex Key 0,70€ Out of Stock
505715.5mm Hex Key 0,70€ Out of Stock
505726mm Hex Key 0,70€ Out of Stock
505737mm Hex Key 0,70€ Out of Stock
505748mm Hex Key 1,20€ Available
505759mm Hex Key 1,20€ Available
5057610mm Hex Key 1,30€ Available
5057711mm Hex Key 1,60€ Available
5057812mm Hex Key 3,10€ Available
5057913mm Hex Key 3,10€ Available
5058014mm Hex Key 3,10€ Available



Hex Key