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Rotary Burr RBF HP3 Karnasch 11.3051

Φρεζάκι Καρβιδίου Κώνικο Σφαιρική Μύτη RBF HP3 Karnasch 11.3051 Made in Germany
Rotary Burr RBF HP3 Karnasch 11.3051
Code 21457
Manufacturer Karnasch
Τιμές 8,90 - 18,50€
Availability Available
Πίσω σε: Rotary Burrs
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Size - Shades

CodeDescriptionPrice (VAT Incl.)Offer Price VAT Incl.StockQuantity
21512Rotary Burr D3x6 3mm RBF HP3 Karnasch 11.3051007 8,90€ Out of Stock
21513Rotary Burr D3x14 3mm RBF HP3 Karnasch 11.3051015 8,90€ Out of Stock
21458Rotary Burr D6x18 6mm RBF HP3 Karnasch 11.3051030 13,50€ Out of Stock
21459Rotary Burr D8x20 6mm RBF HP3 Karnasch 11.3051035 18,50€ Available
21460Rotary Burr D10x20 6mm RBF HP3 Karnasch 11.3051040 17,50€ Out of Stock