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 SKIL 1491DB Πολυεργαλείο 300W 13 Εξαρτήματα Free Shipping
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Manufacturer SKIL
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Skil 1036 LK SDS drill (Multi hammer)

Unique five-function SDS drill with two mechanical speeds

The pneumatic Skil 1036 SDS drill has a powerful 850W motor and variable speed pre-selection for optimum control of your concrete drilling jobs up to 26 mm. The Skil 1036 has two mechanical speeds: high speed for fast drilling and low speed for tough drilling and screwdriving. It has a hammer function for drilling in concrete and a rotation stop function for light chiselling jobs. Last but not least, this drill allows chiselling with free rotation. The ‘SDS+’ system enables fast and easy accessory changing. The quick chuck-change system assures easy changing between ‘SDS+’ and keyless chuck. The anti-slip soft grip and the adjustable side handle enable comfortable two-handed control. With the handy depth gauge you can set the drilling depth for blind holes. The Skil 1036 drill is supplied in a sturdy case with a set of three 6, 8 and 10 mm ‘SDS+’ concrete drill bits, a pointed chisel, a flat chisel, and a keyless chuck with ‘SDS+’ adapter.

Τεχνικά στοιχεία

  • Ονομαστική Ισχύς: 850 W
  • Ισχύς κρούσης: 2.7 J
  • Δυνατότητα τρυπήματος σε μέταλλο: 13 mm
  • Δυνατότητα τρυπήματος σε σκυρόδεμα (μπετόν): 26 mm
  • Δυνατότητα κοπή σε ξύλο: 40 mm
  • Ταχύτητα χωρίς φορτίο: 0-1020 / 0-2300 r.p.m.
  • Μέγιστος αριθμός κρούσεων: 0-4700 /min
  • Τύπος τσοκ: SDS+
  • Βάρος: 3.6 kg
  • Τάση/συχνότητα (φορτιστής): 220-240V/50-60Hz


  • Powerful and durable pneumatic SDS drill mechanism for all drilling jobs in concrete
  • Quick chuck-change system enables easy changing between SDS+ and keyless chuck
  • SDS+ system for fast, easy bit changing
  • Two mechanical speeds: high speed for fast drilling and low speed for tough drilling and screwdriving
  • Rotation stop for chiseling applications
  • Chiseling with free rotation for maximum freedom of movement
  • Anti-slip soft grip on back handle for more user comfort
  • Speed selection wheel to set the right speed for every job
  • Safety clutch for protection in case the bit gets jammed
  • Adjustable side handle with soft grip for secure, two-handed control
  • Easy-to-adjust depth gauge to set the drilling depth for blind holes

Επίπεδα θορύβου και κραδασμών

  • Στάθμη ηχητικής πίεσης: 88,5 dB(A)
  • Στάθμη ηχητικής ισχύος: 99,5 dB(A)
  • Τυπική απόκλιση: 3 dB(A)
  • Επίπεδο κραδασμών (τρύπημα με κρούση σε μπετόν): 15,3 m/s²
  • Επίπεδο κραδασμών (καλέμισμα): 7,9 m/s²
  • Αβεβαιότητα (Κ): 1,5 m/s²


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