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Βιδοθηλιές Στριφώνι Made in Greece
Code 19980
Manufacturer ΕΛΙΞ
Price (VAT Incl.) 0,03 - 3,50€
Availability Available
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Size - Shades

CodeDescriptionPrice (VAT Incl.)Offer Price VAT Incl.StockQuantity
31521Screw Eye Hook No8 0,04€ Available
31897Screw Eye Hook 14x35 0,05€ Out of Stock
89334Screw Eye Hook 16x30 0,06€ Available
31514Screw Eye Hook 16x40 0,06€ Available
31515Screw Eye Hook 17x50 0,06€ Available
89335Screw Eye Hook 18x50 0,07€ Available
31516Screw Eye Hook 18x60 0,08€ Available
31519Screw Eye Hook 19x30 0,03€ Out of Stock
32234Screw Eye Hook 19x30 Gold 0,03€ Available
31517Screw Eye Hook 19x50 0,05€ Available
31518Screw Eye Hook 19x60 0,08€ Available
31522Screw Eye Hook 19x70 0,10€ Available
31520Screw Eye Hook 20x40 Gold 0,03€ Available
31523Screw Eye Hook 20x80 0,12€ Available
89336Screw Eye Hook 20x100 0,14€ Available
31524Screw Eye Hook 21x80 0,12€ Out of Stock
31525Screw Eye Hook 21x100 0,17€ Available
31528Screw Eye Hook 22x80 0,20€ Limited Stock
31526Screw Eye Hook 22x100 0,23€ Available
31527Screw Eye Hook 22x120 0,23€ Out of Stock
32302Screw Eye Hook 23x90 0,27€ Available
32812Screw Eye Hook 26x145 1,10€ Available
32975Screw Eye Hook 29x270 1PC 2,60€ Available
31898Screw Eye Hook 30x220 3,50€ Out of Stock




Screw Hooks

Code 32227
Γάντζοι Βιδωτοί

Price (VAT Incl.)0,05 - 0,80€
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Angle Hook Wood Screws

Code 32235

Price (VAT Incl.)0,40 - 4,50€
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Screw Eye Hooks

Code 32233
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