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Aluminium Rivets

Πριτσίνια Αλουμινίου
Aluminium Rivets
Code 11612
Manufacturer OEM
Price (VAT Incl.) 0,90 - 4,70€
Availability Available
Πίσω σε: Blind Rivets
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Size - Shades

CodeDescriptionPrice (VAT Incl.)Offer Price VAT Incl.StockQuantity
32574Blind Rivets 3x10 100pcs 0,90€ Out of Stock
32575Blind Rivets 3x12 100pcs 0,95€ Out of Stock
32579Blind Rivets 3.2x6 100pcs 1,60€ Available
32580Blind Rivets 3.2x8 100pcs 1,60€ Available
86804Blind Rivets 3.2x10 100pcs 1,60€ Available
86805Blind Rivets 3.2x10 100pcs 1,60€ Available
32576Blind Rivets 3.2x14 100pcs 1,90€ Available
32577Blind Rivets 3.2x16 100pcs 1,90€ Available
32578Blind Rivets 3.2x18 100pcs 1,90€ Available
32589Blind Rivets 3.8x6 100pcs 1,00€ Available
32590Blind Rivets 3.8x8 100pcs Brown 1,00€ Available
32581Blind Rivets 3.8x10 100pcs Brown 1,20€ Available
32584Blind Rivets 3.8x16 100pcs Brown 1,70€ Out of Stock
32586Blind Rivets 3.8x22 100pcs Brown 1,80€ Out of Stock
32587Blind Rivets 3.8x26 100pcs 2,90€ Available
32588Blind Rivets 3.8x30 100pcs 2,90€ Available
32582Blind Rivets 4x12 100pcs 2,90€ Available
32583Blind Rivets 4x14 100pcs 2,90€ Available
33126Blind Rivets 4x16 100pcs 2,90€ Available
32585Blind Rivets 4x18 100pcs 3,00€ Available
32600Blind Rivets 4x20 100pcs 3,40€ Out of Stock
33127Blind Rivets 4x21 100pcs 3,40€ Available
32599Blind Rivets 4.8x8 100pcs 3,00€ Available
32591Blind Rivets 4.8x10 100pcs 3,50€ Available
32592Blind Rivets 4.8x12 100pcs Brown 2,30€ Available
32593Blind Rivets 4.8x14 100pcs 3,60€ Available
32594Blind Rivets 4.8x18 100pcs 4,50€ Available
32595Blind Rivets 4.8x20 100pcs 4,70€ Available
32596Blind Rivets 4.8x22 100pcs 2,90€ Out of Stock
32597Blind Rivets 4.8x25 100pcs 4,70€ Available
32598Blind Rivets 4.8x30 100pcs 4,70€ Available



Aluminium Rivets


Benman 70320 2.4-4.8mm Hand Riveter Gun

Code 51485
Πριτσιναδόρος 2,4-4,8mm Benman 70320

Price reduce by 15%
Price (VAT Incl.)17,80€
Availability Available

FFGroup 14810 2.4-4.8mm Hand Riveter Gun

Code 50937
Πριτσιναδόρος 2,4-4,8mm FFGroup 14810

Price reduce by 14%
Price (VAT Incl.)15,50€
Availability Available

Lobster 2.4-4.8mm Hand Riveter Gun

Code 50936
Πριτσιναδόρος 2,4-4,8mm Lobster

Price (VAT Incl.)43,50€  or 21.75 X 2 Ιnstalments
Availability Out of Stock